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The Dead Sea as a cure for Psoriasis

For sufferers of psoriasis, it may seem like relief is simply impossible at times. Even though natural remedies have been working for people for centuries, most psoriasis sufferers often turn to pharmaceutical solutions to fight their particular skin issues.

There are very few natural places in the world that can actually be cited as offering curative properties but perhaps one of the most famous especially for psoriasis, is the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth and people from around the world often come to visit this area to experience a number of different healing properties.

People with psoriasis know very well how it feels to be out in public with their skin clearly on show to others who have no idea what it is and whether it’s “contagious”.  The problem then becomes one of not wishing to be seen out in public at all, which then has an effect of being isolated, and perhaps causing low self-esteem.  This creates a ‘vicious circle” of stress causing the condition of your psoriasis to worsen in some cases.

The feeling of coming home “clean” or “clear” after a few weeks of completing this therapy is indescribable.  You will hear many stories of people who have never seen their own beautiful skin, but seeing is believing!

Because of the unique composition of the water in the minerals, which make up the Dead Sea, it’s possible to see real results when it comes to curing muscle aches, skin diseases and more. This natural area has become a hot spot for sufferers of psoriasis and other skin conditions.

The rare combination of natural forces and minerals that make up the Dead Sea create natural healing properties for a vast number of skin diseases. The Dead Sea has become a very popular place for doctors and medical research to study the properties of its unique healing.

Studies have taken place in relation to psoriasis and the minerals/sunlight combination in the Dead Sea such as in the year 1996, 1998 and 2003. Each of these scientific back studies found a link between the relief of psoriasis and the Dead Sea. Combining the research from each of the studies suggests that 76% of the visitors to the Dead Sea experienced a PASI score of 75 points of improvement up to 23 weeks after treatment. This means that just by getting treatment at the Dead Sea once every few months you can experience the amazing healing properties of the sea and continue to watch it work back at home.

Treatment can be repeated many times and this skin condition doesn’t develop any type of natural resistance to these therapies like with cortisone or steroid treatments. Psoriasis symptoms can see regular relief after each treatment and the same degree of success is achieved in the majority of psoriasis patients.

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