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Three Main Treatments for Psoriasis in the Dead Sea

Heliotherapy: exposure to the air in the sunshine near the Dead Sea can provide healing properties. Not only does the dense metals work to filter out the sunlight and reduce the chances of dangerous sunburns but the special combination of the oxygen in the air as well as the incredibly unique type of sun exposure can work to relieve psoriasis and normalize skin tone again. There’s 5% more oxygen at sea level than in most other places in the world.

Balneotherapy and Thalassic Therapy is a type of therapy which involves immersing regularly in the dead sea. Because of the combination of rich minerals and saline in the sea and indeed the air, it is hugely beneficial for the skin to maintain its normal function as well as the symptoms of psoriasis to be halted.

Pelotherapy is another popular treatment that involves wrapping the entire body in mud that comes from the Dead Sea. This mud has amazing antiseptic properties that can help with the symptoms of psoriasis and more specifically Psoriatic Arthritis. The treatment works to infuse minerals into the body and purify skin cells so that they can maintain their regular function.

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